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1323 keer bezocht sinds 10 Augustus 2016, 07:33

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'The cheapeast CS:GO SG 553 Skins at CSGOSK'

Geplaatst 24 Augustus 2016, 04:50

The SG 553 is a Swiss advance burglarize in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive absolute to the Terrorists. Its Counter-Terrorist analogue is the AUG. The terrorist-exclusive SG 553 is a exceptional scoped another to the AK-47 for able all-embracing engagement. ―Official description The SG 553 serves as the backup of the Krieg 552 from antecedent titles. Unlike its predecessor, the SG-553 inflicts added accident and can access through armor flawlessly. Furthermore, application the ambit no best reduces your amount of blaze and lowers the backfire significantly. It is one of the few accoutrements able of scoring baleful headshots. Properties Hitbox Primary Attack Unarmored Armored Head 120 120 Chest & Arm 30 30 Stomach 37 37 Leg 22 22 Red signifies a baleful hit. Advantages Highest aboriginal attempt accurateness of any advance rifle Highest accident per ammo adjoin armored enemies of any advance rifle 100% armor penetration, authoritative headshots baleful even at acute continued range High battlefront rate Short reload time Scope increases accuracy, reduces backfire while advancement battlefront rate Scope gives a angry adventitious adjoin snipers at continued ambit compared to unscoped rifles Cheaper than a lot of CT rifles (M4, AUG) Disadvantages High recoil Wide advance aloft connected fire Most big-ticket advance burglarize on the agitator side Heaviest advance burglarize and slowest movement speed Scope slows down movement acceleration considerably The cheapeast CSGOSK CS:GO SG 553 Skins at

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